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late v-day challenge for kenya

1. I can eat 6 burgers in one sitting without getting sick.
2. I have a great singing voice.
3. My favorite movie is Lucky III: Lucky's Journey Home

[ooc: I made up some movie as a sequel to that damn dog movie Momo cried over XD ]


Valentine's Day is coming up. Or as some call it: Single's Awareness Day.
I can usually score myself a date before the day but I'm really not feeling it this year. Maybe it's because I'm getting older. More mature? Yeah, that sounds good. I guess little Momo-chan's growing up!

Any other singles want to get together Sunday night? I got a hold of a nice bottle of sake. We can drink our loneliness away in the company of fellow miserable saps!


...my roommate sleeps in a coffin...


i'm alive

I'm still alive... barely. I was hit by a nasty case of the flu and haven't really had the chance to do much lately. I'm going CRAZY. Now that I'm better, who's up for a party, huh, huh? I just want to do ANYTHING, ANYTHING AT ALL that doesn't involve being stuck in bed.

Sep. 10th, 2009

Oi, Mamushi, I owe you for last time. Let's go out.

Whistle while you work~

If anyone needs me in the next 24 hours, I'll be in my room cleaning it from top to bottom so I don't get strangled by Mamushi when he gets back. If anyone wants to help PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! I'll treat you to ice cream or pizza or ANYTHING.

[ooc: Strikes hidden from KAIDOH XD Everyone else can see his cry for help.]
Vacation's gone by fast, way too fast!
Sorry I haven't been around much. I took a little trip home and just got back.

Of course, I saw the news too. It's all over the headlines! I can't believe something like that happened. I'm not saying I was close to Atobe or Sanada but it's still incredible that it happened to someone I know. It's just... not cool.

It's like everyone's suffering a little right now.
But things can only go up from here, right?

I'm just trying to be a little optimistic. Maybe cheer a few people up?
I guess it's not working.
Oi Oi, I'm getting picked on already? I'm not even THAT old, not old at all!

Since it's break, what do you guys say to going out and getting shitfaced having a drink or two tomorrow night? Anyone's invited to tag along, whether you know me or not. It's all about celebrating!

Happy Birthday to me! :D

Just Dance, gunna be okay, da da doo doo~

Hey Creeper,
I've found a karaoke box nearby. You up for it?

Also, I nearly forgot that my birthday was coming up! Not too soon, but just plenty of time for you all to plan a party and find me the perfect gifts. Right? Just a little less than two weeks, guys!
Happy Independence Day, America!
You know, it was really cool to be there last year, to get to see how different the culture is over there. And MAN, do they know how to party! They really do know how to celebrate!

I guess I miss it at times, but there really is no place like home, here in Japan.
I DO miss their cheeseburgers. Oh man, I can't just imagine it now... biting into a big, juicey meat patty, topped with cheese and lettuce and ketchup and....

Anyone wanna go to McD's? I'm suddenly starving.